06 December 2006

Our Quest/Journey/Voyage

Jon illustration

Some doodles, plus a drawing of Jon from our trip to the New Hampshire border (anyone from New England knows what that means). I've been working on drawing people while they're not sitting still (at all, even a little).


Frederik Jurk said...

Drawing moving people is the best excercise by far. Oh wait, I said that about drawing hands already. But well, it´s more fun and makes me less aggressive than having to draw someone for two hours (which I only did a few times because I was forced to in our early classes).

Sweet sketchbook-cover - is that a fortune cookie quote glued on? And this online shop is a good idea. (Note to myself!)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I like the line work of this piece. It gives a sense of unkempt. Great protrayal.