31 October 2006

Liz at Julio's

Liz Restaurant illustration pen ink jimmyjanesays

Liz and I enjoyed some Mexican food in Vermont. Taking a break from the long, snowy, car ride home.

Hanging On

26 October 2006


Drawn while waiting three hours at a doctor's office today.

24 October 2006


I'm working on some holiday cards for my [future] online store.
I hope to open the store November 1st.

21 October 2006


irate pirate etching jimmyjanesays

Pen, Pencil, and Prismacolor
(and I believe this is my 10th IF!)

Irate Pirate

irate pirate etching jimmyjanesays

2" x 3" etching

17 October 2006

Smitten Pirate

pirate parrot etching illustration jimmyjanesays

Lauren in a photo booth. I love how the parrot is kissing her cheek!

2" x 3" etching

(my 50th post!)

16 October 2006

14 October 2006


I went out today to look at the changing foliage. I didnt want to miss it this year. But it was colder than I expected (and there was a scary crow), so I headed in early.

Snails Eating Sushi

Everyone remembers the snails, right?

13 October 2006


ink drawing portrait jimmyjanesays

Another drawing of Lauren. Sketched while we waited for our burritos at Acapulcos. Done in pencil, pen, and a "Mint Cream" Prismacolor marker. One day I'll do a proper drawing of her.

10 October 2006

09 October 2006

Country of the Blind

pen ink illustration blind jimmyjanesays

A really old pen and ink piece from my sophmore year of art school. A total Edward Gorey r.i.p. for an illustration of H.G. Wells' "The Country of the Blind."

07 October 2006


There was something about this sweet pose
that said Jon and I were up to no good.

2 1/2" x 3" Pen & Marker

04 October 2006

03 October 2006


Pencil sketch colored in Photoshop.

Liz Drawing

Quit wigglin'.


Fun with Prismacolor Markers.
And it's only October 3rd.