05 December 2006


American Sign Language illustration


Frederik Jurk said...

Frankensteins monster, pointing at a cloud in the sky that looks like pumpkin. Or maybe it´s a fat emo guy. Who knows? Hands alone can tell stories.

You mentioned "emo" on the Tocotronic videos, and yeah, they have those weird assymetric haircuts; although they had them back in 93 and my guess would be that emo is a more recent trend - something like the new goth, or what? The wikipedia entry is a bit fuzzy. Ah well. At least they made glasses cool again.

Later! Fred

Frederik Jurk said...

erm, that´s not saying YOU are a fat emo ...guy. Or something. It´s just that the hand turned out to be looking so maskuline and heavy. ;)

Besides, nice to see you doing this frequently. Hands are the hardest part of the body to draw ever in my opinion.

esillustration said...

these are getting better and better!

Frederik was right about that pumpkin cloud. I think he might be psychic