24 September 2007

House in Kudamatsu

I did this drawing one morning when I woke up way too early. It is the house across the street. Most of the houses in the neighborhood have this similar style.

My laptop is crap and I cant install my scanner, so this is a photo of the drawing.

21 September 2007


Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

A drawing I did of my little sister for her 10th birthday.

17 September 2007

Me I.R.L.

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

If writing "To Do" lists counts as drawing, then Ive been doing a lot of drawing the last few days. I leave for Japan Tuesday and Ive already started a new blog about the adventure, Alone in Kudamatsu. I wouldnt visit it yet, though. It's kinda depressing and stressful right now.

13 September 2007


Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Patrick 52 Fridays Portrait

I busted out the ol' inks and watercolour for this drawing of Patrick. And he busted... nevermind.

12 September 2007

10 September 2007

Big Wall

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural
The proposal.

I finished the mural in Montreal last Tuesday. Click here to read the article in the Mirror about the eco-fair I participated in.

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural

Jeannette Langmead Montreal Mural

It is supposed to be a cross-sectional landscape. Apparently it looked too much like a page out of a coloring book for some of the neighbors. That was encouraging news to hear at the beginning of day three. I dont know what I think about it. The owner of the building had all these contradicting demands. Id like to think without that Id have done something better. Maybe not.

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog
Final sketch (click to enlarge).

08 September 2007

On the merits of letting go...

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog
click to enlarge

Drawn on some extra visa photos, with a road map of Florida on the back.

I leave for Tokuyama in ten days.

05 September 2007

I won!

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

After a month of slaving away drawing your portraits, I won the Portrait Party contest! Now Rama Hughes and I will do a swap. I'm wicked pumped!

This swap was between me and an old middle school friend, James Vaucher.

03 September 2007

Emily Haines

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Emily Haines

A drawing I did for daytrotter.com. It's for an article about Emily Haines (of Metric and Broken Social Scene). You cant really see the color I intended if you're not using a really dark and broken monitor. That sucks.

Thanks for the tip, D!