30 July 2006


another pen and marker drawing

Brain Freeze

a doodle I did while "teaching" my cartooning class
more than one person said it looks like an "I Spy."
Can you find the bumble bee and the pea pod?
Pen and markers.

29 July 2006

Cartooning Class

"This is my Sister"
Today was the last day of the summer cartooning class I taught,
this was the winning cover for the first class, ages 6-9.
Note the lobster arm, and flies.
This kid was hilarious.

This is a handout I made,
I just colored it on photoshop
(for fun, because I have photoshop now).

28 July 2006


I think I'll be printing up a few dozen of these
next week

26 July 2006

25 July 2006

Snails love Sushi

I wouldnt usually put a photo on my sketchblog
but I had to show off the aforementioned snail picnic.
this will be working its way into an illustration soon
or a diorama.
Note the fimiliar rock in the background.

Rock and Feather

I painted this watercolor at Liz's apartment last night,
for this week's Illustration Friday topic, opposites.
finding references is definitely the best part of illustrating

24 July 2006

Underwater Kingdom

In commemoration of the snail picnic with Liz,
I submit my underwater kingdom,
painted two weeks ago today
under these same curious circumstances.

23 July 2006


an old doodle colored in photoshop

22 July 2006

Red Wing

from Taschen's Native Americans

21 July 2006


from a sketch I did while with Jake and Liz a few weeks ago.
Colored in Photoshop.

20 July 2006


Went to the beach today with the family.
[I must be on vacation, I wrote the wrong date on the painting.]

A sketch I colored in photoshop.

19 July 2006

17 July 2006

The Baptism

I'm using an old painting for my first Illustration Friday entry,
the word "sacrifice" conjured up so much from my childhood...
I couldnt think of a better image, of how I see the tainted word.
Who is being sacrificed, for who... for the peas?


16 July 2006

My Rock Collection

Another busy Saturday.


Some notes from my weather class, what I used to make my sketchblog graphic

15 July 2006

Family Road Trip

Jack Kennedy, my Great Uncle,
from a photo I found of him in my aunt's house

My 5-year-old cousin, Madison

14 July 2006

And so it begins...

Here's a drawing I did of Lauren a while back.