30 December 2006

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix illustration

This week's Illustration Friday topic is Phoenix, so I drew actor Joaquin Phoenix. Walk the Line and Quills are excellent films he's in.

28 December 2006

Nightmare Hippy Girl

This is my Illustration Friday entry for the word Peace. At first I thought I'd forget about this topic (because it's lame), but a week of watching Disney movies and playing Barbies with my nieces inspired this drawing. It's one of those hippy girls with big eyes and her head in the clouds.

Again, the quailty sucks because I dont have Photoshop here. When I return home, I'll rescan everything.

27 December 2006

The 60's

Family Portrait illustration

This is a drawing I did for my mom, for Christmas. It's her with my grandparents. I dont know how old she is in the photo. Maybe if she looks at my blog she can leave the information in a "comment"?

The scan is a bit choppy, because I don't have Photoshop here in Dallas. I'll try to fix the quality when I get back to Massachusetts January 4th.

25 December 2006


Some holiday cards I sent out this year.

22 December 2006

Devil Town

Lock Illustration

I just found out I'm in a dry county. Yee-haw.

19 December 2006

More Drawing Less Talking

Jon illustration
Jon reading the paper, at Cafe Depot, in Montreal.

Also, I'm leaving for Dallas in the morning. I don't know if I'll have the capability to post while I'm away yet. If not, see you January 4th!

Oh, and this:

17 December 2006


This is a drawing from when I went totally insane a few weeks ago. But now I'm back.

AND I would like to officially announce... I FINALLY beat Liz at Scrabble! 269 to 195! I think "Henchmen" is what got me going, and when I got "Aqua", well that was a gift from baby Jesus himself! What a thrilling Saturday night, eh?

No rematch date has been set at the time of this posting.

"H" is for "Help"

American Sign Language

This is a continuation of my American Sign Language letter series. And I scanned it on my brand new scanner/printer machine. It works great and was well worth the $18USD, thanks Jazz!

16 December 2006

Jobs are Dumb, Anyway

Jeannette Paper Doll Interview Illustration

I thought this was an appropriate illustration for today, because I got turned down for yet another job I interviewed for. I hope some nutty kid out there is printing these and cutting them out, because it takes quite a while to make sure all the clothes fit my Paper Doll Jeannette.

15 December 2006

Desks are the new Coffee Shops

Jon's desk illustration
While I was in Montreal, Jon had a lot of school work to do. So, sometimes I'd sit on the futon in his office and draw draw draw. This is the view of the corner of his desk, looking out the window at the building behind his apartment. And there is a vine.

Jeannette's illustration desk
I guess posting pictures of your desk is very cool nowadays. Here are some examples, Frederik's desk and the On My Desk blog.

I'll give you a little tour of my desk. It sits in the corner of my bedroom, and you can see I took this photo while I was working on this painting. I have my little Goblin Self Portrait on the wall, so I don't forget what I look like while I paint. Easier than a mirror. There is a solar system mobile I got in France when I was 16, hanging from my lamp. Under that you can see my South African princess Barbie. And then there is the painting I did of Jon in the corner. I don't just surround myself with my own work, I have some other better known artists hanging in my room, too.

Under my desk is this cool little cart I got from IKEA, I call it my Aht Caht. It holds a bunch of paper and supplies, and rolls out so I can put my pallate on top of it while I work. And you can see a bit of my bookshelf, and my lovely plant I named Courtney Cox Arquette. No relation to the actress.

13 December 2006

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Six Month Anniversary Illustration

I've come back from Montreal just in time to celebrate my Sketchblog's six month anniversary. I think I started this blog because I was scared that after graduation all my pencils would disappear and I would never draw again.

While I'm here I'd like to thank my continuous unemployment (or as I now call it, unemployability), for allowing me all this time to draw, scan, comment, obsess, etc. One day I'll do this for a living.

So, please go ahead and grab a slice of pretend vegan cake, and take a minute to browse the archives while you celebrate. Here are some of my favorite entries:

My Rock Collection
Dylan Smoking
A & B
Sluggy Liz

(And you can totally print that cake out and make your Paper Doll Jeannette blow out the candles.)

Paper Doll Accessories

Paper Doll illustration

Nothing goes better with your Paper Doll Jeannette than this blue zip-up hooded sweatshirt and brown paper bag mask.

06 December 2006

Paper Doll

Paper Doll illustration

Click the photo for a larger, printable version. Cut out the pieces and enjoy. Bring Jeannette to school, work, or keep her in the bedroom. A navy blue hoodie and a "Lame Interview Outfit" coming soon.

Our Quest/Journey/Voyage

Jon illustration

Some doodles, plus a drawing of Jon from our trip to the New Hampshire border (anyone from New England knows what that means). I've been working on drawing people while they're not sitting still (at all, even a little).

05 December 2006

04 December 2006

ADT Holiday Card

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to do a holiday card for an ADT employee. Here's how the magic happened:

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is a color study, which is just the pencil drawing with some Photoshop splattered on it.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
Then, I outlined it (and gave a guard a sex change operation).

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
Here's a bit of the watercolour.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is the final watercolour piece scanned.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is the painting with a little bit of digital tweaking, cropped, and ready to go.

02 December 2006


insomnia illustration
My iPod on shuffle.

insomnia illustration
He caught the moon.
I've seen a bridge like this before.

insomnia illustration
It's like a dance.

insomnia illustration
I don't remember drawing this.

insomnia illustration
My love of rocks and bunnies.

I drew these between 3 and 6am this morning. It's 4:10pm, I havent slept yet. Actually, I slept two hours at Jon's this afternoon. I'm trying to stay awake, so that I might sleep tonight.

[Don't forget, the next World Wide Sketchcrawl is December 9th! Visit the site to find your city. I'll be participating in Boston. An excellent adventure.]

01 December 2006


American Sign Language illustration

A quick sketch of the ASL letter F. I drew this at like, 5am, so for some reason I thought it was very important to emphasize my new black nails (that inspired my to dye my hair black, too).