28 February 2007

Scan Bot

EDIT: I'll mail this to the first person to ask. Anywhere. Free. Just say you want it.

Paper or plastic? There are these brown bags at work that are perfect for puppet making. So I like to make little friends when it is slow.

Ah! It's wicked scary.


27 February 2007

Greetings, Meat Machines!

Use Paper, Give Food

Scribble on the back of a meal donation slip.

26 February 2007

Budget Analysis is Fun!

My dearest friend, Jon. Yes, this is what he is like. And I love him. Check out his blog, too.

25 February 2007

24 February 2007

I Live for Money

Some coworkers and people browsing the produce.

I stack rocks 2% of the time.

I've had an inflated ego recently. It must be due to all the flattery you guys leave me here.

And about this new sketchbook. It's a $10 tree bound up to fit in my pocket. Stop making fun of my ├╝ber trendiness. I'm no Mattias. It's all scribble scrabble.

21 February 2007


Gravity rides everything?

20 February 2007

Underwater Pods

I bought a Moleskine sketchbook so I could less obviously doodle at work. Here's one I whipped up between customers. The sooner I figure out what organic endives look like, the more drawing time I will aquire.

17 February 2007

Last of the High School Portraits

Tiffy. Charcoal on a huge sheet of paper.

My mom. She didnt like this portrait. Pastels on paper.

Self portrait. Charcoal on paper.

Jen. Pastels on blue paper.

Jon. Charcoals or pastels or something on paper.

Taylor eatting ice cream. Charcoal on paper.

I scanned some old slides of my high school portfolio. These are really old. I did the one of my aunt Tiffy in my junior year of high school, I think. When I was 16. And I wish I could draw a shirt again like I drew Jen's that day.

15 February 2007

Space Pods

Click for HUGE view.

This is a drawing of a small civilization on a planet in space. It was amazingly colored by my dear friend Frank, aka Chris. I would also like to note that that is very much a Zeman inspired rocket up there.

14 February 2007

Romance is dead, long live romance!

Anna Nicole Smith Illustration Tattoo

In commemoration of Anna Nicole Smith's sudden death, and Illustration Friday's theme Crash, I designed an Anna memorial tattoo. Feel free to get it inked in the most intimate of places.

11 February 2007

So Art School

That piece is entitled "Scratch." I like to show it to people that I'm meeting for the first time because I feel it says so much about who I am and what it feels like to inhabit my specific skin.

Ho ho ho Ghost World reference for the 99% of you who won't get that. Anyway, this is a bizarre video I did in college, when I was 19. It was for a final project in my electronic imaging class. I find it kind of hilarious. I always have. You can't read the text because the original video is like 502MB and no server will let me upload that much. The video is about my habit of scratching the top of my head. The song is some Tori Amos remix. My first and last fling with iMovie. I'm more of a pencil pusher, I think.

10 February 2007

08 February 2007

More High School Work

Colored pencil on black paper.

Pastels on gray paper.


Here are a few more from when I went to Walpole High School. Home of the Rebel or some other horrible racist thing. The bottom drawing is the earliest, done when I was 15. It was my first try at watercolour painting. Oh yeah, and it is the only painting I've ever done that my mom really liked.

07 February 2007


A poster for a new Omelet Bar in a coffee shop at Portland State University. I'm giving the kids something to write home about.

05 February 2007


And some links of interest:

  • Liz drew me on her blog!
  • My friend Jon has just admitted to being the writer of this fine piece of Canadian blog, Chronicles of the 12th Floor.
  • I also added a music player to my blog, you can find it in the right column. It has some songs I like on it.

Six Years Ago Today

Jon's hand. Pastels on black paper.

Girl I dont know. Pastels on colored paper (that was my thing).

I risked my life and crawled into my attic this afternoon just to find my slides of my work from high school and college. So for the next few days I think I'll be posting those gems.

But about my attic, you don't understand. The stairs are thousands of years old. They're the kind that you pull down from the ceiling. And one side of the support system of springs and nails is completly gone. Plus, they are directly over the stairs that lead to the first floor of my house. So if you fell, you'd fall far.

These two drawings were done when I was 16 or 17. When I was a kid and smoking was cool.

03 February 2007

Self Portrait with Gun

I had my first day of work today. And I still had time to draw and post something! Hey, maybe this wont be such a bad thing after all.

02 February 2007

01 February 2007

Scrabble Jabble

Scrabble Illustration
Uh oh, triple nerd-joke score!

And I beat Liz once again!
Now she has to make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for a month!

(Liz is very kind for not posting all my losing scores on her blog)