27 December 2006

The 60's

Family Portrait illustration

This is a drawing I did for my mom, for Christmas. It's her with my grandparents. I dont know how old she is in the photo. Maybe if she looks at my blog she can leave the information in a "comment"?

The scan is a bit choppy, because I don't have Photoshop here in Dallas. I'll try to fix the quality when I get back to Massachusetts January 4th.


Mom said...

I was 1 year old here. We took this picture the same day I got my passport picture with my mom (remember that one?). I got a passport because we moved to France. Mom

Oscar said...

This is an honest drawing,

iSaac said...

I like this drawing....its also VERY COOL that your mom replied on your blog... shows some connection there


Mom said...

I was one.