13 December 2006

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Six Month Anniversary Illustration

I've come back from Montreal just in time to celebrate my Sketchblog's six month anniversary. I think I started this blog because I was scared that after graduation all my pencils would disappear and I would never draw again.

While I'm here I'd like to thank my continuous unemployment (or as I now call it, unemployability), for allowing me all this time to draw, scan, comment, obsess, etc. One day I'll do this for a living.

So, please go ahead and grab a slice of pretend vegan cake, and take a minute to browse the archives while you celebrate. Here are some of my favorite entries:

My Rock Collection
Dylan Smoking
A & B
Sluggy Liz

(And you can totally print that cake out and make your Paper Doll Jeannette blow out the candles.)


yezix said...

Ou cake? I'll take some of that! Cool stuff! I love the mural!

Bino said...

Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy!




Frederik Jurk said...
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Frederik Jurk said...

Happy (half) birthday to
you(r blog)!
Happy (half) birthday to
you(r blog)!
Happy (half) birthday, dear Jeannette, happy (half)birthday to you(r blog)!

When MY blog gets six months old I´ll drink ten cans of Jever beer in front of my PC and when I am finished my head will slam on the keyboard, which will result in this post:

Oh boy,my blog is 6 months old!!

njo hb80b5jp0


Okay, so keep it up as you always do. Nice new accesoires, maybe we´ll see some different Jeanette dolls with different moods (or if that´s not possible, different underwear)? ;)

Cheers, Fred

(Removed first comments due to nasty nasty typos, I hate them, makes me look stupid)

Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 birthday! I like that concept... I'll copy it from u ;)



jim bradshaw said...

I want to celebrate but your picture says anniversary, but the title says birthday and the number of this whatever day is 1/2 which is a fraction and fractions and me are on the outs since 6th grade and the occasion being celebrated is 1/2 but the cake has 6 (whole number) candles on it and my bag of nuerons just tipped over and I have to go gather them up but before I leave, happy whatever day you want this to be day.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Great cake! Cheers!

roland said...

really like your rock collection and dylan smoking!

Frederik Jurk said...

Hey Jeanette,

I sent you a friend request on MySpace. Join my girlfriend, Graham Roumieu and me! And that Tom-dude. He already was there when I joined. Geez, I hope I didn´t make him wait too long. He looks pretty hysteric on his profile photo.

And damn, I have a hard time getting through all these functions on that site. Very counter-intuitive. Maybe I´ll make a flashing background, change the text to red letters on green background and replace all buttons with weird symbols. Or maybe not. Who knows!



Nate said...

Happy Happy Day!

May the comments ever flow and the work ever grow...?

Anonymous said...

Happy 6 months Jeannette!

May your next six be JUSt as rewarding ;)


Wendy said...

Happy sixth Bloggaversay!