16 December 2006

Jobs are Dumb, Anyway

Jeannette Paper Doll Interview Illustration

I thought this was an appropriate illustration for today, because I got turned down for yet another job I interviewed for. I hope some nutty kid out there is printing these and cutting them out, because it takes quite a while to make sure all the clothes fit my Paper Doll Jeannette.


Rrramone said...

Jeannette, that is brilliant. :-) You will get the RIGHT job.

alex said...


Frederik Jurk said...

Aaaw, what cute shoes. I never thought about that those pieces actually fit on the doll. I´ll print "you" out some day and take some pictures of it while I do things funny with "you".

Oh NO NO NO, this sounds WRONG. When I am not posting anymore then it´s because Merle split my skull with an axe or something. Or maybe a can opener since we don´t have an axe around.

Besides, what jobs did you apply for so far? I fear the day that I am out of uni myself, so I work my butt off to get something done until I finally exit the womb of parent-sponsored living. But sometimes a bit pressure can help.

And besides; that SECRET CODE we used on my site was german, but a very ironic way of using it, really oldtimer german so to say. It´s a friend of mine that moved away (as did serveral other people, I am afraid to say) and he studied with me until he quit and moved back home. Having to be creative sometimes needs a strong will...

Ah, the internet, distracts me from my work. Later dudette!


M. Patrizio said...

This is soo cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Monika said...

Haha this is so cute ... made me smile. You really have a talent for drawing!