15 December 2006

Desks are the new Coffee Shops

Jon's desk illustration
While I was in Montreal, Jon had a lot of school work to do. So, sometimes I'd sit on the futon in his office and draw draw draw. This is the view of the corner of his desk, looking out the window at the building behind his apartment. And there is a vine.

Jeannette's illustration desk
I guess posting pictures of your desk is very cool nowadays. Here are some examples, Frederik's desk and the On My Desk blog.

I'll give you a little tour of my desk. It sits in the corner of my bedroom, and you can see I took this photo while I was working on this painting. I have my little Goblin Self Portrait on the wall, so I don't forget what I look like while I paint. Easier than a mirror. There is a solar system mobile I got in France when I was 16, hanging from my lamp. Under that you can see my South African princess Barbie. And then there is the painting I did of Jon in the corner. I don't just surround myself with my own work, I have some other better known artists hanging in my room, too.

Under my desk is this cool little cart I got from IKEA, I call it my Aht Caht. It holds a bunch of paper and supplies, and rolls out so I can put my pallate on top of it while I work. And you can see a bit of my bookshelf, and my lovely plant I named Courtney Cox Arquette. No relation to the actress.


Ellis Nadler said...

nice green on the walls

Anonymous said...

Why do girls have the cutest little work spaces around?.... OH i know! They're ORGANIZED! (*Duh)

I'm jealous of your side pencil holder btw. I got ta' buy these 50% off rubber thingies from Chapters to stick to my table. They do the job, but they also take up space on the table(*sometimes i have a really narrow space to draw.. :/

Keep up the drawing/ paper dolls jeannette!


PS-I can't go this weekend without posting a picture of "my" work space now... (since everyonES doin' it)

Frederik Jurk said...

Aaah, nice. I need such a tiltable table badly. Also, my drawer is stuffed with useless clutter from years ago, and I need some shelves too, but drilling holes in my wall is beyond my manly instinct for damaging things. I might hit a electricty cord, and boojaka, I am gone.

Nice to see your paper doll project growing, but judging from the photos I´ve seen from you, you don´t need that paper bag mask.

Nice desk photo blog, by the way. Oh boy, it´s 6am here and I can´t sleep. Damn caffeine.

esillustration said...

I'm just typing what we're all thinking. Frederik wants to have babies with Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Frederik Jurk said...

That sounds disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Jeannette you NEED to tell me where you got the side pencil holder thingy for you desk I don't know where to get one. I got the same table as you as well :) Let me know how things are!


BINO said...

Nice place, I really do like it!




Pickledog said...

Cozy space. I like the green walls a lot! Also your chair looks much more comfortable than mine. I have a little blue desk chair sans back (it broke off.)