04 December 2006

ADT Holiday Card

A few weeks ago I was commissioned to do a holiday card for an ADT employee. Here's how the magic happened:

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is a color study, which is just the pencil drawing with some Photoshop splattered on it.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
Then, I outlined it (and gave a guard a sex change operation).

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
Here's a bit of the watercolour.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is the final watercolour piece scanned.

ADT Holiday Greeting Card illustration
This is the painting with a little bit of digital tweaking, cropped, and ready to go.


Tracey said...

Wow! I just spent a good deal of my morning looking at your work. Fantastic! I'll be seeing you on a regular basis. Thanks for the process pictures. I love to see how other artist's work. You've inpired me to go get my butt in gear! (isn't slang weird?):)

Frederik Jurk said...

You must have a pretty good scanner. When I try to scan coloured pieces they usually look like el crappacino. I like the final version, but the "with a bit watercolor" looks nice too, since the lines themselves are pretty strong on their own.


(ATTENTION: A BIG SQUIRREL IS APPROACHING FAST. Even though I have no idea what this squirrel thing is about. Weird furry fetish? Urgh. I hope it´s something else. I don´t wanna be part of your sick games.)

Alina Chau said...

HA ! HA !! Nice storytelling there!!

Kathy Weller said...

that is excellent! thanks for the play-by-play! :)

Nate said...

As always, awesome job...as mentioned earlier, very creative storytelling on this one.

Christine said...

I like seeing how people work from start to finish, and I just love the Santa crook :-) What a great idea. I will definitely be visiting again.

Robert McLaughlin said...

Thanks for sharing the process. My problem is that when I'm finished I forgot how I did it. Kind of like a chef flinging ingredients around the kitchen and coming up with something that might be edible.