30 November 2006

Jeannette Doesn't Work Part II

Jeannette Doesn't Work comic illustration
(click image for larger view)

This is the second installment of my "Jeannette Doesn't Work" comic series. Documenting my struggle to make money post college graduation. The first one is here and describes the adventures of standing in front of a door for eight hours. The above piece goes all the way back to October, and my temporary job working at a Halloween store.

And I've had plenty of shitty jobs since. You won't even believe what the next one will be about. I should be on the cover of the UMass Dartmouth brochure.

29 November 2006


emo hair

This is my second or third drawing with a mechanical pencil.

28 November 2006

Caffeine Induced

Pen and Marker Doodle

Some stuff from today, drawing with Liz.

27 November 2006


invention illustration

This is the cart I wheel around while I'm busking on the streets of Montreal. You can watch my Hamster, try on rings, and so much more.

22 November 2006

Sluggy Liz

Here's the closest I've come to documenting my "process."

Liz Slug illustration
First, a detailed pencil drawing.
Liz Slug illustration
Then, I paint some.
Liz Slug illustration
Then, I'm done.

That's it. This piece was made for an unreciprocated painting swap with Liz. I'm sure she's cooking something crazy up.

21 November 2006


American Sign Language illustration
I didn't draw this one entirely accurately, but you get it.


profile illustration

18 November 2006

Thanksgiving Sucks Anyway

Thanksgiving Vegetarian Turkey Greeting Card

My finished Thanksgiving card, slow cooked and ready just in time for Illustration Friday. I'm not a big fan of this topic, though (or looking through dozens of illustrations of dead turkeys and clichéd Natives on IF).


American Sign Language illustration

17 November 2006


Gael García Bernal illustration

I just came back from seeing the movie Babel. Pretty good flick. Anyway, it inspired me to do a little sketch of one of the actors, Gael García Bernal.

16 November 2006

C is for...

American Sign Language C Illustration

This reminds me of a dinosaur.

A & B

American Sign Language letters
When I was in high school, in Florida, I took American Sign Language for two years. So, now I'm attempting to illustrate the ASL alphabet to hopefully improve my hand drawing skills.

15 November 2006


A little lunch break doodle. What kind of soap do I use to wash the retail off of me?

14 November 2006

Clear Eyes Is Awesome

Ben Stein clear illustration jimmyjanesays

I was born in the 80's. I've watched too much TV.

Anyway, I was very surprised and delighted to see that my topic was chosen for Illustration Friday this week. Too bad the word I submitted was Clear. For the last few weeks IF has had themes related to translucency (Ghost, Wind, and Smoke), so as a sort of joke I entered a bunch of topics that mean clear. Like crystal, translucent, see-through and limpid (yeah, I used a thesaurus).

Couldn't Penelope have picked my word when it was Peas? Oh well! My website hits are way up, and I got to draw my first portrait of Ben Stein! Here's a link to one of the Clear Eyes commercials, via YouTube.com.

12 November 2006


(...view all)

This was my day, today. Click to view whole comic.

And let's all sing Happy Birthday to Kurt Vonnegut, today.

11 November 2006

New Sketchbook

This is the cover to my awesome new sketchbook. I'm so lucky I found one with a picture of Jonathan De Luca customized onto it. I hope many nice illo's come from this appendage. And I'd like to dedicate all the future fruits my sketchbook bears to the cashier at the art store. We know you nibbled on that eraser.

new sketchbook

And, yes, I know, if I had puffy paint this would be a whole lot better.

07 November 2006

Dylan Smoking

Bob Dylan illustration

I am between sketchbooks right now, but I found a corner near the front to do a quick sketch of Bob Dylan. Done with pencil, Micron 005 pen, and a Prismacolor marker. About 3"x4".

05 November 2006


goblin smoking fairy fantasy illustration jeannette jimmyjanesays

This week's Illustration Friday topic is "smoke." I figured I'd post this one from my portfolio. This image is also available as a postcard in my shop.

04 November 2006


jeannette's holiday card illustration

New holiday card for the shop.

02 November 2006