30 May 2012

Coping Mechanisms

Jeannette Langmead coping mechanisms comic

1. These are not going to get less depressing.
2. While drawing this realized how influenced I still am by Jim Beran, a comic artist I used to work for with my mom when I was a kid.
3. Comics dont have spell check. Leave it.

22 May 2012

The Wallet

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16 May 2012

Gotta Keep 'em Separated

Offspring club comic Jeannette Langmead

There's a bar in Hiroshima where anyone can pick the CD (like a physical version of an iTunes song) and the ex-pat 20-something crowd tend to go for 90's alt rock.

06 May 2012

Five Years Later

See original post here.

05 May 2012

Late Night Fantasies

Japan Escape Comic Jeannette Langmead

Drew this instead of sleeping, but I'm on vacation so it's OK.

I'm having trouble with finding a good pen I can erase over, and also keeping the lines black in Photoshop without distorting them. If anyone has any tips, let me know. I use Micron pens, usually. I should have probably used a stroke outline when filling in the darker colors, or hooked up my tablet and stop using the fill tool.

04 May 2012

Tweet Tweet

Stop Podcasting Yourself Graham Clark Twitter

I illustrated a tweet by the hilarious @grahamclark. It's the same guy from the beard painting painting and of Stop Podcasting Yourself fame. He's my favorite.