28 December 2006

Nightmare Hippy Girl

This is my Illustration Friday entry for the word Peace. At first I thought I'd forget about this topic (because it's lame), but a week of watching Disney movies and playing Barbies with my nieces inspired this drawing. It's one of those hippy girls with big eyes and her head in the clouds.

Again, the quailty sucks because I dont have Photoshop here. When I return home, I'll rescan everything.


Frederik Jurk said...

You need to wash this Disney and Barbie kitsch out of your blood. I am glad this isn´t your usual style, and I have the impression that this is some kind of parody ;)

And playing toys with family children is huge fun. I can´t wait to have a son; I´ll buy him plastic robots and a Gameboy. And if I get a daughter, I´ll buy her that too.

Very good portrait down there, they always have a solid quality. I find I good to see you work in different styles!

L8ter dudette,


Frederik Jurk said...

Oh and yeah, "Peace" is a corny topic. Next time, it´ll be "Kiss", "Rainbow" or "Cute".

Besides, I like that you call my new picture cute. Because that is saying something different than just "good" , "fantastic" or "out of this fucking world!!!!!!" - "cute" is a reaction towards that figure, and I want people to react to my characters first.

Brine Blank said...

Okay who kidnapped Jeannette with her moody style and observations? Lol...and then went and changed her info under her portrait...I'm all flustered?!?!

Michelle Lana said...

Very nice jeannette!

studio lolo said...

You're just hilarious! I've grown fond of your sarcasm :) Love the new bio!!

Jeannette said...


I'm going insane in Texas. Or maybe the opposite.

I love all this confused reaction. Seriously, I was laying on Cinderella bedsheets when I drew this.

It's a corny drawing, like the topic.

And Fred, when I have a kid, his only toys will be popsicle sticks and potatoes.

Pati @-;-- said...

Hehehe... It seems very charming to me when someone says that is posting for IF while is he/she is on vacation. IF community is quite something! But, who can blame us?

Lovely illo, Jeannette :)

HARDWAX said...

Jeannette, this young woman is a reminder of in your face sweet simple Peace.
Your work is very good, even if you're not happy with it, so there!

jim bradshaw said...

Somewhere in this post, J said:
"I'm going insane in Texas. Or maybe the opposite."

I don't get it. Is the opposite, Texas restored it's sanity outside of Jeanette? Totally confused.

Do they really say yeehaw alot and grow oil in thier gardens like on all the picture shows? OOOOOH! I just sterotyped a whole state. Will I have to go to jail or get whacked by a bloggerbot or somethin?

jeffrhodes said...

Your work is great.

Jeannette said...

Jim, my insanity is leaving me, I am becoming just like one of everyone. Stop criticizing my writing all the time. I'm a picture maker, these are just captions!!

And I havent seen many cowboys, just SUVs and strip malls.

blownfucia said...

Could you stop by crawford ranch and leave a message for me?

michael dailey said...

lol ur right she does seem a bit to squeeky clean but then i guess thats wht some ppl want their peace to be. nice line work

Ellen said...

That is a nightmare! Funny!!!!

jim bradshaw said...

Like art, humor can be subjective. My choop busting schtick can be obnoxious. I was just trying to make you laugh. I'm sorry. I'll back off.

Bill Zeman said...

very funny - I can feel the waves of loathing infusing the paper