10 January 2007

My Outter Self

I couldnt sleep, so instead of jumping out the window I drew myself in the mirror.


Frederik Jurk said...

WOW. That´s a strong one! Reminds me
of K├Ąthe Kollwitz a lot:


This particular technique is very good looking; bold and lifelike.

I am slowly recovering, and trying to do daily posts again now.

Heh, and tatooes - I remembered those from my professor Bernd who made a little picture about a nearsighted tatooer who drew very crude stuff on the huge muscular back of a grim looking saloir. I still have a lot of influence of his work in my blood. I like your IF submission too, but I think this piece is stronger ;)

Later! Fred

Frederik Jurk said...

Heh, nice new profile tagline. I like your humor. (Which doesn´t mean I don´t take your task of dying as far away from Fort Lauderdale as possible serious! You´re gonna make it!)

Ellis Nadler said...

I'd like to see more of these in different media

esillustration said...

i LVOE this! you're so good at drawing :-)