08 January 2007

Bleak Outlook

Some funny faces from the airport.


Sherry Rogers said...

These are totally cool! I love sketches. I need to do more sketching. There is just something so organic about it!

neversleeping said...

i did some pages like this too. i was stuck in denver for that blizzard, so i drew everyone i could see from my seat at the holiday inn bar. it was a long four days.

Anonymous said...

*love antenna boy.. :)

What's to be surprised about the word Buzz getting picked? It's a really hard word to visualize(without the usual insects, astronaut,gossip..) I found it hard myself to come up with something original. Good excersise.

Daniel Thompson said...

Thank you for being the first sketchblogger to submit a profile to The Profile Directory of Bloggers. You are listed.

neversleeping said...

not much up there, just posters from last semester.

and i can't do rum and coke. for some reason my stomach says "get out of here. nope, not that way, the way you came in."