20 August 2007

Who is Jimmy Jane?

And what does she say?

Jimmy Jane Says Comic
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Packing up to leave for Japan I've been finding the oddest things. This was the first page in a comic book I made in 2003.


Forever Young said...

you're packing now, how exciting...where will you stay, where will you be, where will you work, what will you do? i'm fretting now like a yiddishe mama....what about a warm sweater? and some chicken soup to take with you?

baggelboy said...

And don't forget to buy a street map so you don't get lost and don't talk to strangers unless they are strange.

Frederik Jurk said...

You used to drink Martinis in front of your typewriter. Now it´s wodka in front of the internet. Times are changing.

You also used to be a pretty stiff manga dude. I like the new Jeanette better, to be honest. (The new one has bigger boobs, too!)

Oh, and when are you exactly leaving? I hope I can get your package done and sent in time!

...or actually, I wonder if sending it to Japan will take THAT much longer than sending it to the US.

Kawaii Jeanette-sama
Tokohasisijima Otasa Kahima
X35TzuzcSD-900 Sector 7B

Jeannette said...

Woa woa, relax everyone. I wrote when Im leaving in my last post.

And I'm going to have an apartment and english-speaking roommates and a job at a ESL school and a map and more health insurance than Ive ever had living in the USA.

tofusquirrel said...

hahaha!!! i enjoyed this and all of the comments :-) (especially frederik's)

Jon said...

hmmm. why do people assume that Jeannette and Jimmy are the same person....

esillustration said...


slashdotmad said...

I like the me-gone-world-gone therefore I am god logic, a little too much perhaps..:)

and re: your comment on IFN - you have a point about the rejection from right this seat

enjoy japan and keep posting from there

Anonymous said...

what's with all the diving daisies?

Jeannette said...

I have no idea.