25 March 2007

Sing Strum Sing

Jeannette Langmead illustration Brad Macomber

A drawing of Lauren's brother, Brad, singing at a townie bar. It isnt very detailed because it is hard to draw at bars, I get distracted easily.

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Frederik said...

Heh, we used to draw at a small jazz club here in Hamburg. Was kinda cool except that a) it was way too dark to not ruin your eyes in the process, b) I must have looked like a pretentious art dork and c) that small room was so atrociously full of smoke that it I got tired after half an hours.

Our country is making laws for smoking prohibition in bars and clubs and whatever, and while I like to smoke one ciggy occasionally, I AM ALL FOR IT. Enjoying a little intoxication is very different to nearly choking for hours.

Oh, and you have weird dreams. Although I enjoy my fantasy role in that cheesy 90ies flick!