28 March 2007

Power On!

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Robot Puppet

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Robot Puppet

There has been a high demand for paper bag puppets lately. Usually I give them away before I get a chance to scan them. This one was drawn for a butcher as repayment for a cigarette.


Robert said...

Hi! Very interesting illustrations, really you have a great blog.

Regards ;0)


steve said...

These bags are brilliant Jeannette. Where'd you get the idea for this? That comic is excellent too. have you thought of compiling and publishing your work at all?

Claire said...

Your illustrations on this bag are wonderful. You've got excellent work here!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

I got right away that it was a puppet, but it took me a minute to see that the second view was "mouth open" view. I loved it when I realized he was eating eyeballs!

And trading art for cigarettes? Very cunning.

my heart is made of gravy said...

Should've given you more than a fucking cigarette for this!

Big heft of hog, more like!

Jeannette said...

See, now there is a demand where I work for puppets. So my trading is working its way up to covering a shift, buying me lunch, a promotion... This art crap has to be good for something.

Alina Chau said...

paperbag puppets ROCK!

MOM said...

What did you need a cigarette for?????