02 March 2007

Generic Geriatrics

Barcode Illustration Jeannette Langmead

Today at work I greeted a customer with my generic, "Hi! How are you doing today!?!?!" Extra exclamation points for extra perkiness.

He was pretty old, and he looked up at me with a desperate look on his face and said, "Horrible. My wife just died. Do you know what that feels like?"


"Like being hit by a car."


Josy said...

Shit. Wow.

Jon said...

jesus jeannette

catnapping said...

it does.

esillustration said...

I'd say it feels more like being hit by optimus prime at 80 mph.

Frederik Jurk said...

I never thought people would really say what they actually feel like. I mean, if I had a bad day and someone asked me "How´s it going?" and I would say "Not good", he or she would propably think I was suicidal or something.

Most of the time I just say "I´m OK", which is fitting most of the time.

ottoblotto said...

thanks for sharing a very human moment.