27 February 2007

Use Paper, Give Food

Scribble on the back of a meal donation slip.


edwinushiro said...

cool drawing! I love to see the challenge of an artist using the tools from their surroundings. You could do some crazy panoramic too. Laters Jennette.

Frederik said...

Heh, I just had a look through your older posts (might it have anything to do with the screaming "LOOK THROUGH THE ARCHIVES" sign to the right?) and boy, what a great way to start a blog: Someone sleeping with the head tilted (the portrait of Lauren). Might be just a coincidence, but it had some sort of dry humour to it. Ah, anyways...

Nice to see some work of you while being burdened with work. Budget Analysis - it really DOES sound like fun! Much like editing Excel files or counting money (that is not your own).

Keep it up dudette,