08 February 2007

More High School Work

Colored pencil on black paper.

Pastels on gray paper.


Here are a few more from when I went to Walpole High School. Home of the Rebel or some other horrible racist thing. The bottom drawing is the earliest, done when I was 15. It was my first try at watercolour painting. Oh yeah, and it is the only painting I've ever done that my mom really liked.


Frederik Jurk said...

While the first two are impressive from the technical standpoint, the watercolour piece is very unique. It has a weird presence to it. The little inaccuracies in the perspective makes it even more...ghostly.

robertc said...

these are great! nice touch on the drapery. wonderful expression on the 2nd... and wow, you did that at 15... and a watercolor no less? impressive!

catnapping said...

damn! I love the linens. beautiful job draping.

ksklein said...

the drapes (?) over the chair are great. i should practice pencil drawings too.
the colors of the bottom one are phantastic.

Josy said...

I like the second one. Then again, I'm in my "OMG people are such cool subjects" phase. But still. Nicccccce.

Illustration Friday Night said...

What is that dude packing in his trousers? (that's pants to you, Yankee girl)