05 February 2007

Six Years Ago Today

Jon's hand. Pastels on black paper.

Girl I dont know. Pastels on colored paper (that was my thing).

I risked my life and crawled into my attic this afternoon just to find my slides of my work from high school and college. So for the next few days I think I'll be posting those gems.

But about my attic, you don't understand. The stairs are thousands of years old. They're the kind that you pull down from the ceiling. And one side of the support system of springs and nails is completly gone. Plus, they are directly over the stairs that lead to the first floor of my house. So if you fell, you'd fall far.

These two drawings were done when I was 16 or 17. When I was a kid and smoking was cool.


steve said...

Yeah, be careful in that attic then. I used to live in a very old house and had similar issues, though I worried more about the critters that made the noises up there. Anyhow, looks like you were skilled at a very early age. It's great to see posts like this and witness how a person's art has changed and evolved. I found a whole bunch of stuff from when I was a little tyke but am hoping to unearth and post some of my much more angst ridden work from high school and college. Anyhow, I'm really enjoying your curent work and drawings too.

J said...

um, HEEEELLO, smoking IS still cool!

i wonder... did that drawing inspire my sculpture or vice versa? or is there no relation?

Pati @-;-- said...

Ohhh... I wish I could peek through a little hole and see ur face when u found ur old works. I bet it was fantastic!

Ur drawings are terrific... I loved drawing since I was a kid, but my poor skills at that time were so far away from yours. I had an old selfportrait made with oil and it's terrible, I look like a ghost ;)

I'll look forward to your next gems, Jeannette :D

Ellis Nadler said...

The hand looks crucified, the cig is a nail

J said...

It's weird that is was 6 years ago. It's cool that we've been very good friends for so long. Even though we've been living so far away from each other...

and it's only in the last couple weeks that i've gone crazy on your ass. That's 7 years of sanity.. pretty good eh?