27 April 2007

Oh Todd Goldman!

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

This kind of stuff confuses me as much as it angers me. I know it's been going around for awhile but it shouldn't be old news until it stops.

Here is a list of people who copied want me.


esillustration said...


Ben said...

are you fucking serious? they all should be drug out to the street and shot. i hate that shit so much.

Nate said...

People copied you?! NOOOOOO!!

Frederik Jurk said...

I got the graduation-shirt-logo of our year I made ripped off by some random shirt printing company. They called it "Future style". We already considered legal action, but after a while we realized it would be a huge waste of time and energy, since we didn´t have the original drawing anymore, and sueing someone isn´t as easy as I believe it is in the US.

The funny thing is, I wouldn´t be able to sleep at night with this kind of immoral behaviour. But others can, obviously. How fucked up inside must someone be trying to get credit for something he stole?? I DON`T GET IT. This is stuff little kids do. But this is a grown man.

Stuff like that is happening all the time, and I feel bad for all those people being ripped off. I read Somethingawful since some years once in a while, and Shmorky did some funny work. Having your creative work stolen is one meanest things that can happen to any creative person.

And that this dude is doing legal threats against the people he ripped of makes me sick in my stomach. Makes me want to punch through walls.

Oh, and it took me while to figure out what this second link was supposed to mean ;)

Frederik Jurk said...

Oh, and also it´s pretty careless to rip off someone who is part of such a huge community. Somethingawful´s forum is, like, the sixth most popular forum on the entire internet? At least now he´s wearing this stigma for all eternity.

Anonymous said...

Wow that really makes me want to vomit. Especially with the angry bunny illustrations??? I had NO idea they were ripped off so much. F that mess man.


red-handed said...

I fully expect your portrait of me to be some last-minute rip-off of an Edward Gorey illo.

d said...

i can't believe anyone would do what t.g. is doing. and to put it out there like it's his own and make money off of it? did he think he wouldn't get caught?


Catnapping said...

I guess the best thing to do is get the word out when someone pulls this...humiliate the F*** outta them.

Maybe we illustrators need to come together on a blog to post exposés on...kinda like Poets Against Plagiarism does...

I remember there was a political forum I used to post on, and there was this guy, Dennis (aka Dwnny Denny)Hoffman, who used to plagiarize (he still does, but I ain't there to see it these days) all sorts of songs and poems from around the net...even from KNOWN, POPULAR songwriters!

It seems the best thing we can do is expose these kinds of creeps. Let everyone know what they're doing.

I hate that people can make money off of someone else's work...I mean what if WE need that money...for rent and food? For someone else to steal our work and then buy goodies with what should have been our rent money...

...now I'm all pissed off! I gotta go take a walk.