15 September 2012

SPY Flyer

Rough sketch of what I wanted to do with the flyer.
It didn't really work out, though.

My first idea for the flyer was a two-faced thing. I thought drawing Graham and Dave separately and splicing them together on Photoshop would be better than drawing them as one creature, but when I put the two finished drawings together it didn't work. They look too similar and somehow the result was an beautiful half-bearded lady.

I really like the original drawings. They're a lot bigger than I usually go. Maybe some bumpers would want copies for Halloween masks. I'm just writing to fill up space now.

I colored them in Photoshop and finally decided on the final format. I had plans for backgrounds (I thought plaid and pinstripes) but I liked how the drawings stood out on the white background. With a flyer I think clarity is important, so I didn't want to muck it up with hand drawn lettering, either.

Dave Shumka Graham Clark SPY poster
Happy Halloween!
Dave Shumka Graham Clark SPY poster
final results
The show is next week, so if you're in Vancouver maybe it not be sold out.

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