31 July 2012

Three Hundred Posts

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog
board game from a few years ago still works today (replace MySpace with Twitter)

For my 300th post I looked over all my old Sketchblog entries. Some of them I have no recollection of whatsoever. Some of them I realized I'm still trying to draw to this day. I realized I have tons of Halloween related drawings. Most of them not done in October. 2007 was my bloggiest year but I'm making a comeback in 2012.
Crushes and boredom will always induce creativity.
If you're interested:
I miss my rocks.
I used to paint goblins.
I used to paint messy.
I used to paint BIG.
I used to use my imagination.
My friend Liz as a snail.
I tried to draw the ASL alphabet but quit at around 'J'.
I should be grateful.
I haven't changed much.
A sad story I forgot.
I've drawn a lot of face.
Me & my mom's relationship has been awkward for a while.
I stand by this epitaph.
Too hard on myself.
Me in my underwear.
Every single night.

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