05 May 2012

Late Night Fantasies

Japan Escape Comic Jeannette Langmead

Drew this instead of sleeping, but I'm on vacation so it's OK.

I'm having trouble with finding a good pen I can erase over, and also keeping the lines black in Photoshop without distorting them. If anyone has any tips, let me know. I use Micron pens, usually. I should have probably used a stroke outline when filling in the darker colors, or hooked up my tablet and stop using the fill tool.


Jonathan said...

Haha. What if your mom reads this? She's going to steal your toilet spa.

Ps. let me know if you CAN count that as a carry on.

josh pincus is crying said...

I use Micron pens, too. I found a Photoshop filter from flamingpear.com, called "ghost" that works great to convert a scanned line drawing to a line drawing with a transparent background. Use Image>Adjustments>Curves and move the bottom coordinate to almost halfway to the right, then move the top coordinate to almost halfway to the left. Then use the "ghost" filter, and you have an overlay layer that you can color behind.

Hope this helps.