18 January 2011

I Hate Japan, #1

Hate Japan futon comic
That's it! My 5 top complaints/surprises about Japan. I had no idea what I was getting into when I moved here over 3 years ago. But now my back, tongue, and brain are pretty much used to it, and going back to the USA leaves me more mystified than being here does.

Tell your friends how bad the "land of the rising sun" really is on Twitter.

1 comment:

Frederik Jurk said...

I sleep on a futon as well!

Though it is pretty much a baby-ass westernized version of a futon, much thicker, wider and not meant to be stored during the day, and it also has a frame underneath.

What I´m saying is, I don´t sleep on a futon at all.

Really enjoying this series, and thanks for the nice comment recently :)