13 March 2008

Dude, Seriously

(I love my stomach here)

Out of context this is awesome. It's a bit of a two-page comic I drew a long, long time ago. Back when Liz, drawing and Starbucks were the extent of my day. Ahh, sweet unemployment. And I had Photoshop. It's so discouraging not having that program now.

Im posting this to say I still post here. Right now Im working on a mini-comic Id love to finish by April.

We'll see.


baggelboy said...

Unemployment takes a lot of work to get right.

Michael J. Patrick said...

You know, they are working on a cure for not having Photoshop!

Molecules said...

i found this blog looking for images of goblins. you are amazing
jp xx

Ammon said...

I am really impressed with your current work. I am also glad to see that you are in on the moleskin exchange.

Andrea said...

You still in for the moleskine exchange? If so check here for updates and what to do next.


Also, i need you to email me your mailing address.

eva said...

your style reminds me a lot about the ghostworld comic. i loved that comic, so it's a good thing;)