08 September 2007

On the merits of letting go...

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog
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Drawn on some extra visa photos, with a road map of Florida on the back.

I leave for Tokuyama in ten days.


Frederik Jurk said...

Geez, I hope you receive the mail from me in time.

Also, while I somehow suspected it, I never fully realized that YOU ARE SATAN all along!

As for being alone in Japan, just get one of those male "Real Dolls". You can bend him however you like, and they are just like real humans (aside for not being human)!

tofusquirrel said...

I LOVE THESE!!!!!! I seriously can't wait to visit you in Japan. It's going to be awesome!!!

Forever Young said...

hell's bell's you look just like my niece again, are you sure we aren't related?

d said...

holy shit! ten days. seriously? that can't be right.

what i want to know is where the fuck is the picture of the fucking mural you painted?

Jeannette said...

Fred, I told you I was satan when you sold your soul to me.

Liz, are you sure you want to trek all the way down to the middle of nowhere to see me? Maybe I'll come to Tokyo!

FY, we are.

D, ok, ok, I'll put them up! I didnt realize there was such a demand! And I know, 10 days! Ive been manically packing books into boxes for hours. And drinking! VIVA TOKUYAMA!

Mim said...

I think you should send me this momento so that I won't forget you; and will think about you in Japan which I have been to a few times. To me, it's like Mars, but polite.