11 July 2007

Pass the Time

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog

Here are some of my,
as Frederik put it,
semi-legal guerilla drawings.
All done on the company dime.

Jeannette Langmead Illustration Sketchblog Paper Bag Puppet
click to see the inside


Anonymous said...

I wanna a job in a grocery store with green buttons and paper bags...

Anonymous said...

really...I do.

LuC said...

love the line!

Frederik Jurk said...

*nodding the head pleased*

Anonymous said...

So... tonight I was the clueless woman at the grocery store who had to be told, "push the green button."

I looked up at that poor cashier and asked her if she ever got fucking tired of telling people to push the green button.

Startled her I think.
Made my night.

Your blog has touched the world, yet again.

esillustration said...

the first one is my favorite. i know what its like. that damn green button!!!!!!! i love all of the little foods you drew. i keep staring at them :-)