28 November 2006

Caffeine Induced

Pen and Marker Doodle

Some stuff from today, drawing with Liz.


Frederik Jurk said...

Hey Jean!

You did a good job on the banner. Seems like my sheep and the demons with the daggers are the favourites so far. Nice to hear you like my work, but even nicer that you say it´s unique. As you can tell, I am reading your blog since some time too !

And with the accent thing, you´re probably right. Reely! Speaking sse Inglisch ist a hole divvarent storrie ssen raiting itt. Ei speek prittie horripple butt et liest ei now menny wordss.

German is a pretty rough sounding language with many explosion sounds (it´s really called that, it´s not like we´re saying BOOM! KAPLOW! all the time); though not as exaggerated as those Rammstein dudes do it. We don´t rrrroll the Rrrr so much. Since Hitler we don´t like that anymore. I guess Rammstein do this to get recognized as a "typical german" band, though most german bands have a very different sound, you should check those clips out:


Tocotronic, THE most influential german band of the 90ies. Typical student-music, great stuff.

So long, and until later.

Rrramone said...

Rrrrroooooooowwwwwwooooooooooo. Hey, you said you wanted animal noises. :-) I like your drawings!

arvindh said...

I like your life drawings here.